Chinese Moon Festival

Time moves so fast, I came back to the USA already one month, during this month, Everything was going smoothly.

Today is August 15th in the lunar month, the moon will become to the “full moon”, In this day, Chinese people called it “Chinese Moon Festival”, it is also called the “Mid-Autumn Festival.” In this day, family members will have a happy get-together, so Chinese people think moon festival is very important because it represents reunion. In Asia, Korea, and Japan also celebrate Chinese Moon Festival.

In the Chinese Moon Festival, Chinese people will eat mooncake, which shape looks like “full moon”, the mooncake has a lot of flavors, such as red beans paste, beef, eggs, mango, sugar, coconut, etc.




Chinese Moon Festival also has a legend. There were had ten suns in the sky which made lakes dried up and the weather became really hot. At that time, a hero who called Houyi, he decided to save human and environment. Finally,  he shot down nine of the ten suns one by one.

One day, he married a beautiful woman called Chang’ e. He really loved his wife and wanted to be with her forever, so he asked the Heavenly Empress to give him some elixirs, however, the Heavenly Empress told him, she only can give him one elixir, if he eats it that he can fly to the heaven and become an immortal immediately. Houyi does not want to leave his wife alone, so he stored it in a wooden box.

After few days, Houyi went outside again, his wife stayed in the home, but an evil came to their house to asked Chang’e give the elixir to him. Chang’e had no better idea, so she swallowed the elixir.

Suddenly, Chang’e flew from her house toward the heave and finally landed on the moon forever, The Heavenly Empress allowed Houyi fly to the moon to see his wife on the August 15th in the lunar month every year. To commemorate Houyi and Chang’e, descendants created Moon Festival to them.


I just took a video call to my family, my grandparents were really happy because my dad, mom, and my little sister drove from Beijing to Harbin (my hometown) to visit my grandparents. My mom sent some pictures of my little sister and cousin, they are so cute.







My 2nd Junior semester

I am an international student, English is not my mother language. Sometimes I feel really hard to listening in the class and so shy to communicate with native speakers and also bad at writing.

In this semester, I am taking 5 classes with 17 credits and also have a tutoring job. I know it is hard to me, but I still want to prove myself that I can make it. Because challenging makes people feel they are alive.

In this semester, I have a lot of plans. First, I will do homework as soon as possible, I am a heavy procrastination person, I always do homework on the last day of the due date that makes me feel busy and anxious.

Second, I will preview and review every course before and after the class. When I was freshman and sophomore year, I never review and preview.

Third, I will watch some English dramas or movies to practice English, during the time, I will write vocabulary on the paper.

Fourth, for HTI 346, I will try my best to listen what the professor says and review the notes. If I have any questions, I will ask professor Tim and classmates, wish dear professor and classmates willing to help me.

Thanks. *_*


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