My 2nd Junior semester

I am an international student, English is not my mother language. Sometimes I feel really hard to listening in the class and so shy to communicate with native speakers and also bad at writing.

In this semester, I am taking 5 classes with 17 credits and also have a tutoring job. I know it is hard to me, but I still want to prove myself that I can make it. Because challenging makes people feel they are alive.

In this semester, I have a lot of plans. First, I will do homework as soon as possible, I am a heavy procrastination person, I always do homework on the last day of the due date that makes me feel busy and anxious.

Second, I will preview and review every course before and after the class. When I was freshman and sophomore year, I never review and preview.

Third, I will watch some English dramas or movies to practice English, during the time, I will write vocabulary on the paper.

Fourth, for HTI 346, I will try my best to listen what the professor says and review the notes. If I have any questions, I will ask professor Tim and classmates, wish dear professor and classmates willing to help me.

Thanks. *_*


More information about my university, please click here.




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